As someone who struggled at school with reading and spelling (I later found out that I am dyslexic), it was picture books and comics that helped me get started, and I would like to think that my visits encourage children to find their own way into the world of books.

An author visit is a great way to get the whole school excited about reading and writing.

To book a visit or for information about my availability please email me at

A typical school day:

I like to start with a 45 minute assembly where I perform my stories using large cardboard props, live drawing and audience participation, followed by any number of writing, illustration or multidisciplinary workshops in the classroom. Both the assemblies and workshops can be tailored for different key stages and year groups.

How long will a visit last?

I can do full days, half days, assemblies, talks and lectures.

What age groups can I work with?

I am happy to work with all age groups and abilities. Although I most often work with Primary children from reception - year 6 my workshops also have a lot to offer children and adults in secondary, further and higher education.

What do I need you to supply for my visit?

For the assembly I need a computer, projector and screen and flip chart. I will bring my slides on a memory stick. I am happy to talk to as many children as you can fit in your hall or classroom as long as they can all see the screen and flip chart.

For most workshops the children will need plenty of plain A4 paper and as many coloured pens, pencils and crayons as you can get your hands on. Any special materials can be organised in advance.

My fees:

Please contact me directly for information on my fees and availability at

Local schools discount available for Swansea / Neath / Port Talbot

How to book a visit:

To book a visit or for information about my availability please email me at


“The whole school benefited from the visit. The presentations were very entertaining and interactive and the workshops were fun and inspiring - the Year 2 class took to designing their own Big Scary Monsters with great relish! For days after the visit the library was full of children drawing their own Little Boats. The visit also encouraged children in the junior school to look again at the picture books and graphic novels in the library.”

Hannah Sackett, School Librarian, St Martin's Garden Primary School, Bath


“Thomas’s input was fantastic and he had an impact over pupil's enthusiasm and learning across the whole school. Both his Key Stage One and Two assemblies were dynamic with excellent use of resources and pupil participation. He also did two workshops for our Year Six classes on writing. The class teachers were impressed by his energy and passion for inspiring young writers. We would recommend Thomas Docherty to other schools and would definitely invite him back ourselves.”

Teresa Fuller, Reading Coordinator, Cheddar Grove Primary School, Bristol


“Thomas was incredible, completely unflappable and flexible. He is a natural communicator and not one of the naughty year 8, nearly year 9s were disengaged. The pace and delivery by this talented young man are excellent and I can not recommend Thomas Docherty highly enough. We are already looking at our budget to book him again.

Alice Day, Archway School Librarian, Archway School, Stroud


The children were enthralled right from the start. Thomas read his books with engaging props and brought them alive to the children. The workshops enabled every child to get involved and understand the creative process of story writing. We will definitely have him back!”

Colin Thompson, Head Teacher, Broomhill Junior School, Bristol